Why We're Different

Why We're Different

Lovedubcars are different because we have alternative wedding cars that you will not normally see at the average wedding. In fact, we are afraid to say that outside of the bride and groom the rest of the wedding party will have to make do playing second fiddle to our pristine VW wedding transport.

This business is run by a husband and wife team with a huge passion for VW weddings. Lovedubcars does not just provide standard wedding transport, but vintage VW cars kept in stunning condition. Passion for these charming vehicles has been the driving factor in bringing success to the business.

All of our VW wedding cars are treated like family. We care for every single one of them and have named each to reflect their personality. These cars originate from all over the world and each has a story to tell. The couples that ride in them will never forget how special their journey was. The individuality of our cars perfectly reflects the desire of couples who want their wedding to be unique.

We are different because of the emphasis that we place on quality of service. For instance, couples that avail of our services will not have to worry about us driving off after three hours. Most wedding car hire companies do this, resulting in unnecessary pressure being added to what should be a joyous occasion.

Anyone who counts themselves among fellow Volkswagen lovers will not feel that their life is complete unless they have the perfect VW wedding. Lovedubcars are the only business to go to for VW wedding cars in North East England.