About Lovedubcars Ltd.

Lovedubcars Ltd was founded in 2008 by the husband and wife team of James and Rachel Calvert. The passion for weddings at Lovedubcars is supported by the fact that a married couple are responsible for running the business.

James and Rachel have worked tirelessly to add at least one new element to Lovedubcars for each year that the business has progressed. Recently, investment has been made into the construction of a brand new garage to display our captivating VW wedding cars to the public.

Couples can now come to the garage and decide whether they would like to hire one or more of our retro VW wedding campers or loveable VW wedding beetles, or as some call them, our lovedubcampers and lovedubbeetles. Each of our vintage VWs has its own personality and we can now convey that to our customers. Lovedubcars deliver wedding car hire services to all of County Durham, Teesside, parts of Tyne & Wear and parts of North Yorkshire.

There is one aspect of your special day that will not give you cause for concern when you come to Lovedubcars, and that’s your wedding car hire. Relax within the comfort of one of our chauffer driven wedding cars and savour every moment of your VW wedding.

Please also visit our sister companies www.tipichic.co.uk to see our amazing giant Tipis. www.ice-cycles.co.uk is our cute vintage and slightly retro ice cream trike, perfect for a summer wedding.

The rest of our site contains further information on the VW wedding cars and services that we provide. Feel free to have a browse or else submit a query to our team.